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An Early Childhood Community Center For Douglas County

Bridging the gap in available, affordable, and accessible access to high-quality early childhood care in Douglas County.

Project Updates

What is the Early Childhood Community Center?

It's more than just a building.  It's a community center, a growing and training ground for parents and early childhood care providers, and a safe place for children 0-5 to thrive.

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Child Care Center

Seven rooms of care focused on Douglas County's Littlest learners (0-18 months), with weekend and overnigt services available. High-quality affordable early childhood care in partnership with local businesses means that those workplaces can add childcare as a benefit for their employees.  We will also have short-term services available for those needing to make appointments at health care facilities in the area.

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Indoor Play Area

ECCC will offer an indoor play area for all children in the Douglas County community, emphasizing 0-5-year-olds, available during the day without charge. This allows parents to meet, offers kids a safe space to play, and provides opportunities to meet with Community Children's Center staff and connect to resources.

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Family Resource Center

Our Family Resource Center aims to provide support, resources, education, and information to families in Douglas County. Family Resource staff will meet with families at the community center and in their homes to determine what tools they need to be more effective and help them achieve their goals.

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High Quality Early Childhood Care and Professional Support

The Early Childhood Community Center is an innovative early child care program featuring over 130 available slots of care, including overnight and weekend availability. In addition, short-term scheduled care will be available for community members. Our Professional Support team will work with early childhood care providers to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed in Douglas County!

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Wrap-Around Services

346 Maine Street has a long history of providing medical services for children in our community. We plan to continue this trend by offering office space in the west side of the building to local care providers, with part of the agreement being that they provide some wrap-around services to children who attend the Early Childhood Community Center.

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